April 20, 2013 | Employee Picks

We are really excited about adding Employee Picks to the blog every now and then! We get really excited about different items we bring to our store and thought this would be a fun way to show you what we are obsessing over and also get to know your Sweet Blue girls a little more as well!


‘I was so excited when we started carrying Freakers! It’s a one size fits all koozie that fits perfectly over my Southern Sipper (mason jar tumbler)…which is another thing I use every single day.’

‘I’m planning on hanging this on my front door. The stake unscrews so it can work perfectly as a wreath. I’m currently obsessed with decorating my house.’

‘I’m super obsessed with pink, so this John Wind bracelet is perfect for me! I also like that I can stack it with my favorite Sorrelli bracelet.’

‘I absolutely love my Lily and Laura bracelets. Not only are they good for stacking but since each one is unique and handmade they can be worn on their own.’

‘I love this dish because I love Southern food and I love to cook! I made this recipe and it tastes delicious!’

Thanks for letting us share!


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